Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

I remember arriving at work around 7am (pacific time) as usual on this day in 2001, not having listened to the radio on the drive. As always, I sat at my computer and scanned email, and ran through the morning ritual of checking on customer cases for our support team.

I don't remember the time, but it wasn't long until my cube neighbor said "The World Trade Center in New York is burning", as he was checking the news feeds on his computer. Then he said "One of the towers is gone!". We thought that impossible to imagine, and the picture on his screen was too small to see well. Then we moved to the conference room, and on the TV feed we could clearly see he was right - there was only one tower left, and the images of the dust cloud across Manhattan.

We stood numbly watching, comforting one another, and many cried as the second tower collapsed. Throughout the day the horror overload continued, and we realized there were virtually no support calls - because the country was doing the same thing we were.

I haven't forgotten, and this song remains one of my favorites.

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