Thursday, May 19, 2005

Anti-Recruiting efforts in Seattle all over

HatTip to Blackfive for the heads-up on this opportunity to Combat the Moonbats here in Seattle this weekend.

Back in February I blogged about the shameful treatment given to Army recruiter Sgt. 1st Class Jeff Due at a local community college. The students moonbats felt that they won that day, and are planning a rally this Saturday to disrupt the Seattle recruiting office directly.

The calendar for the group Peace and Justice Events Seattle indicates that they are planning to protest the "recruiters' manipulative, dishonest, high-pressure tactics" at the Central District Military Recruiting Station, Promenade Shopping Center, 2301 S. Jackson St. Saturday at Noon.

I presume that they chose this day to form their protest especially to counter the traditional observation of Armed Forces Day.

If you are a Seattle metro area resident, Blackfive has some thoughts on how to help, please go check them out.

* * * UPDATE * * *

You just never know what is out there until you look, do you? I was checking around a bit to see just how many areas were going to be seeing protests like the one planned here in Seattle. Well, it turns out that there are others planned on Saturday in Chicago, and pretty much all over the Northeast.

Then I found this group, and right away - I noticed a little confusion ... [emphasis added]

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), an international social justice organization, launches a National Call to Action — a series of rallies, workshops and demonstrations across the country, Friday, May 20 to highlight what it calls the growing trend of recruiter misconduct.

Obviously they have an identity problem, since they can't figure out it they are U.S. or International. So if this group is somehow 'covering the globe', as it were - does that mean that they are protesting the military in other countries as well?

Oh, they only want to dismantle the recruiting efforts here in the U.S. ... I see. How patriotic American Moonbat of them.