Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Interesting links...

Thanks to Max for pointing out the Clinton Accountability Project site, which is tracking the story of possible fraud in Senator Clinton's campaign. This one could get interesting...

At the Castle, John provides some info on Military matters pertaining to Transformation, as well as some eye candy and great discussion on B-17's and other older airframes.

Thanks to Dusty for pointing out the heinous scams against military families. How low can people sink??

Checking in with the other Denizens, I see that Kat has her 6th episode in the Beverly Hillbilly Bikers series posted (and links to the first 5 episodes). Meanwhile Cassandra ponders occupations in If Only.

Jack wonders if he entered a time warp, Alan sees Summer coming on fast, Sgt B has pictures of his Motor Pool - and is hoping to get some Bagpipes some day - check out his sidebar !!

Oh - and sometime today, I will pass 3000 visitors -- small potatoes in the scheme of things, but a big step for me! Thanks for being part of it!!!

** UPDATE **

The 3,000th visitor came by at around 3:45 (eastern) today ...