Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Random Acts of Kindness

I get very frustrated with the tactics of the MSM every day, reporting on all of the dark and unhappy news they can find, or drum up - while ignoring the great stories of our men and women in uniform.

So it is great to have blogs like Michael Yon's for balance and faithful reporting from Iraq.

In his newest post, he talks about this problem :

...So, unless a reporter was embedded with that unit at that time--and decides to tell the story--no one will ever know this one small, but powerfully important detail. There are a thousand such details falling likes trees in a forest, but no one is listening for those kinds of sounds...

Today's post includes pictures of a medic treating a young girl hurt buy a car bomb, and a soldier who needs to find a home for a puppy.

Yeah, these guys don't care ... much.