Monday, May 30, 2005

Remember The Fallen

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Monday the 30th is Memorial Day, set aside to honor the memories of fallen U.S. service men and women, from the Revolutionary War to the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

My friend Sgt B of the Gun Line has written a poetic piece on the meaning of the day, please go visit and read.

Blackfive reminds us of the purpose of playing Taps, and continues his Caring for the Defenders series. If you want to help the military and their families, there are some great service organizations who can use your help - time, money, donations are all needed.


AFSister of My Side of the Puddle asks us to Remember the past and aim for the future.

Cassandra of Villainous Company returns from hiatus to contemplate the origins of this day of remembrance, with In Memoriam.

John Donovan of Castle Argghhh illuminates what happens to a family when their loved one dies in the service of our country. Tied to this one, read the Final Roll Call of 2LT Cowherd as well.

Greyhawk of the Mudville Gazette provides some poetry for the day, start at the top, and work down to review his current posts and revisit his older ones.

For more information about Memorial Day, I encourage you to visit these sites:

Lists all service members who have lost their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom, in Operation Enduring Freedom and at The Pentagon.

White House Commission on Remembrance web site has information on events, history, ways to get involved, and the new Moment of Remembrance, to be observed at 3 p.m. local time on Monday.

God rest the souls of the Fallen.

God Bless our military and their families.