Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tag ... I'm It

Sgt B of The Gun Line passed the popcorn to me for the movie blog-poll.
Here goes ...

Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Counting the TV versions of Dune and Children of Dune as 1 each, I have 8 DVD's, but around 90 VHS tapes. My Mom had a big selection, and we three 'kids' split them up among ourselves after she died.

The last film I bought:
Das Boot (The Director's Cut)

The last film I watched:
Mona Lisa Smile

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
Beauty and the Beast (Special edition - first DVD I ever purchased*)
The Thomas Crown Affair (With Pierce Brosnan, like Sgt B)
The Hunt for Red October
Four Weddings and a Funeral
The Quiet Man ...... I used to watch this with my Mom, it was her favorite John Wayne movie

* I kept telling the Hubster we should buy a DVD player, and he wasn't excited about the idea. We watch a lot of movies in the theaters, and others on cable, so he didn't see the need.

I love Disney movies, but of all the Disney films, he only really likes Beauty and the Beast. So, I bought the special edition on DVD, to force him to buy a player ... *grin*

Next players victims:
AFSister of My Side of the Puddle
Bunker of Bunker Mulligan
Snake Eater of Mistakes were Made
Katy of The Grass Isn't Greener
... Katy is excused, she played already (Bad Barb!)
Beth of She Who Will Be Obeyed (When she returns from her globe-trotting!)