Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tuesday links

Fun from the Milblog world ...
(Updates at the bottom)

I found two new music videos over at Mistakes Were Made courtesy of Snake Eater! Armyrillo was made by British troops, and is a take off of a video called Amaryllo. The second video, Kosovo has Norwegian troops doing a spoof on the Beach Boys song, Kokomo.

SF AlphaGeek explores some advanced training, and tells a shocking tale.

Mustang23 gives us a gateway to some scary folks.

Subliminal Koolaid relates a tale from his "There I Was..." series : A Smear Campaign. Severe spew alert on this one, folks! Don't say I didn't warn you!!

What's the first round of Helicopter vs. Heat-seeking Missile like for a pilot? Bill survived his, and shares a new TINS (for non-Denizens, "This is no Sh*t!") with us.

Have you experienced slide overload in meetings? Of course you have! For a little humorous look at the abuse of PowerPoint in the military world, check out the 1000Hour patch. While you're there, scan the fine poetry and other fun as well! Hat tip to John Donovan / Castle Argghhh.