Tuesday, December 06, 2005

5 Things

AFSister tagged me with the 5 things meme. What 5 things? I'm supposed to come up with facts about me that you likely don't know. Given all of the other memes I've played along with, finding 5 might be a challenge.

Here Goes ...

1. I played string instruments through high school - mostly the cello - and performed with 2 schools in a total of 5 musicals. Since then ... nada.

2. I have charged up and fired defibrillators hundreds of times - although never into a person ... yet!

3. The first country I visited other than Canada and Mexico was India. (not counting the stopover at the Frankfurt airport)

4. Although I work in computers, my degree isn't in computer science - it's in mathematics.

5. I used to lay out circuit boards by hand, before learning to use CAD systems to do it.

There ... my job is done! Now, if you would like to play, drop me a comment and I'll link up your post.