Thursday, December 08, 2005

Good reads

Thanks to Gunn Nutt for highlighting a great take on a Christmas classic from a FreeRepublic post. Go check out The Liberal Night Before Christmas!

Not everyone has the same take on the 'War on Christmas'. Holly Aho shares her viewpoint, and reminds us to keep things in perspective.

And speaking of Christmas, the Armorer shares some good links for real troop support, and the battle with the ACLU - support Operation Nativity! While you're there - check out his bleg for the Weblog Awards.

The Fuzzilicious one shares A Soldiers Christmas poem, a beautiful and moving piece that makes me tear up every time. Send healing wishes her way - the flu bug has bitten her, and she doesn't have time for it! My own package of warm, healing thoughts is on its way.

Speaking of bugs attacking, Rammer and Punctilious are battling their own infection - of Spam. You may not be able to leave comments, but go check out today's Man Bits Dog story.

Yesterday at the Castle, BillT uncovered The Invisible Enemy, as a response to a comment by Kat. Today Kat herself shares some of the evidence of Real Torture in Iraq.

JMH thoughtfully provided a link that maps the popularity of baby names. It even tracks Barb separately from Barbara, for instance. Meanwhile, Bad Cat Robot makes the case against relying on technology.

Chuck Z has been doing well - and has (re)discovered that stupidity is contagious.