Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Remembering Pearl Harbor

My parents' generation were galvanized to action sixty-four years ago, when the Sunday morning attack on Pearl Harbor shocked the nation. My Dad was a high school lad of 16, and had to wait almost two years before his 18th birthday to join the Army. He was never an athlete - even after his service he remained a bookish and geeky young man. But he became a soldier, and he did his duty gladly. He's been gone these past 5 years, but he once told me that his memories were only of the men he served with.

Sgt Hook reminds us that the ranks of the Greatest Generation get thinner all the time.

For further reflection on the day, visit Capt B, who reminds us to Walk Tall America.

John of Argghhh! remembers the day in words and pictures.

Meanwhile, Kat of The Middle Ground reviews her favorite part of President Roosevelt's speech, and the word Infamy isn't in it.


America's Son remembers walking in the Footprints of Heroes.

At Blackfive, Matt shares a Chaplain's message in remembrance.