Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Protect the Pooch

Guarding the Governor's dog is probably *not* what most State Troopers are hoping to list on their resumes. But when danger threatened, extra protection was required for the state first family's pet, a Pomeranian named Franz, to protect him from the raccoons, opossums and coyotes!

Governor's protective detail extends to keeping wildlife from dog

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- For former Gov. Gary Locke, the problem was bats. For his successor, Christine Gregoire, it's bigger predators that threaten her small dog.

In recent months a professional trapper has removed a raccoon and an opossum from the grounds of the governor's mansion on the state Capitol campus, and State Patrol troopers have run off an undetermined number of coyotes.

Gregoire has said Franz, the family's 13-pound Pomeranian, is not allowed out alone for safety reasons.

It's so heart warming to know that the state funds are being used for such an important task. It would be Such a Waste to spend it on less important items like education or road improvements. (/sarcasm off)

Heh ... look out, little fellow!!

Image by Doug Timpe