Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Milblog linkfest

*Added* Fuzzybear Lioness provides the follow up on the story of Katherine Caffey, widow of fallen Marine 2nd Lt. James Caffey. Welcome to the world, young Jimmy!

Attention Denizens of Argghhh!! A future Denizen, reporting late for duty outside his mother's womb, finally made his appearance on Jan. 3rd. Go congratulate Heartless Libertarian on his new son!

Michael Yon has put out a call for retired military personnel - your memories are needed!

Speaking of memories - Bill of Castle Argghhh wants to be sure you know who CW2 Hugh Thompson was, and why we should regret his passing. Some men are indeed made of high quality gold, Bill -- thanks for reminding us of that.

America's Son tells it The Way It Is:
"For the warfighter on the ground, this type of war poses so many dangers. In part because to win this type of war, you have to win the hearts and minds of the majority. In order to do this, we the ground-pounders, have to take risks."
Read the rest here.

Lex has posted episode XL1 of the Rhythms series. If you need to catch up to the rest of us, use the compendium.

Be sure to visit Chuck, and Carren, as they return to WRMC for another surgery, maybe the last!

On the lighter side, Sgt B has another 'Sgt. Remington' sketch to share with us - something about mortars and HE rounds. Also be sure to read back for episodes one and two.

Rofasix makes a compelling case for taking 'old guys' into the military - a very interesting concept! H/T to SnakeEater for the link.

And finally - there are some great new designs up for sale at the Castle Shop at CafePress, as well as the wonderful artwork posted up last fall. Profits got to Project Valour-IT!

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