Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Weapons Caches Uncovered

By way of Camp Katrina (thanks, Phil!), here are some reports you likely won't hear on the nightly news...

OPERATION GREEN TRIDENT TURNS UP 72 CACHES (CENTCOM): U.S. Marines discovered more than ten metric tons of munitions hidden at 72 cache sites 39 km south of Fallujah during the week-long Operation Green Trident.

WEAPONS SEIZED, TWO SUSPECTS DETAINED (CENTCOM): Iraqi and U.S. forces in northern Iraq uncovered four weapons caches and detained two suspected terrorists Dec. 30.

Actually, I had read about this on AnySoldier, from a post by Capt B of One Marine's View. Since the MSM won't tell us about it, I guess we have to spread the word.

Speaking of Capt B - he needs help. It appears that he and Major B (aka Taco) are going to write a book, and he needs ideas for a title. Go read his post, and help him out with some ideas!

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