Sunday, April 23, 2006

Attending the Milblog Conference "Remotely"

I'm getting over my "Milblog Conference" envy - and still wish I could have attended. The next best thing was watching the live feed on the web, and chatting with other 'remotes' as we watched and listened to the fantastic panel discussions.

John Donovan was there, and provided a bit of live blogging, with pictures! Other Denizens of the Castle present were SWWBO, FbL, Sgt B, Maggie, AFSister and 1SG Keith - a mini Castle meet all by itself!

Watching remotely had its challenges. A few times the A/V feed halted, and those of us on Chat mumbled amongst ourselves until it was restored. I saw Andi of Andi's World, the amazing coordinator of this terrific event, step up to introduce the panel of Carla (Some Soldier's Mom), Carren & Chuck Ziegenfuss (From My Position) and Deb (Marine Corps Moms). The audio feed appeared to be enabled, but no sound was coming through. We missed virtually all of the intro and a bit of the discussion until someone (CJ?) came running up to switch the microphone back on!

I sadly missed the start of the early session, and the end of the last session, so I hope that there will be some recordings available at some point. But every minute that I watched was great, and the chat session online was an interesting parallel to the live discussions. Mr. and Mrs. Greyhawk tried to keep the gang on target during the Q&A sessions, so that questions from the online audience could be forwarded to the panelists. Hmmm - we'll have to get BCR Labs to work on a shock tool that the online moderator can use to curb the chatterboxes.

Sgt Hook has a great AAR, and lacking any reports to the contrary, we are forced to accept his version. Shocking, I must say ... *grin*

I hope another conference takes place, and I really hope that I can attend. The discussions are still going on - and we're inventing the practices as we go. Great job by all involved!