Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Killiards" e-Postal match entry

** Updated 4/26 **

The results of the e-postal match are now up at Mr. Completely's. I ended up 8th in the Rimfire class, out of 12 shooters. Oh, well, as someone noted in the comments at Mr. C's place, it got me out to the range, didn't it?!

** Original post **

Tonight I met up with Bad Cat Robot and a few other right-thinking gun-packing friends at our local shooting range. We had an array of nice toys to play with, and much fun was had terrorizing defenseless pieces of paper. Good friends and cordite - what a great combo!

I was also on a mission to enter one of Mr. Completely's e-Postal matches - and I picked a toughie to start off with ... Killiards.

The match has simple rules - fire 15 rounds per target at 25 feet, put one in each billiard ball shape, 2 targets equal one submission. One point for each circle (multiple hits only score once, and it means you missed some other ball, duh!), add a bonus point for each hit which is in the center ring, for a total possible of 60 points.

The handgun I used was my sweet little 22-caliber SW622 pistol, so this entry goes to the Rimfire (Class 1) group.

Well, I didn't get 60, but I'm not too upset with the outcome. My total score = 27 points for the two targets ...

Target #1: 10 hits + 6 bonus = 16

Target #2: 8 hits + 3 bonus = 11

By the way - the rules required an offhand (no support) standing position for one target, and allowed support and any position for the second.

Yes, I numbered them for the order in which I shot them. Yes, I stood unsupported for the first, and leaned against the booth for support on the second. Yes, I did better without the wall ... go figure.

By the way - the match is open until Monday night, the 24th. You can enter once in each Class as well - so check it out!