Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Much to read, so little time

The blog forces continue to mass on the Fran O'Brien's v. Capitol Hilton story.  So many others are keeping track, like Blackfive, Grayhawk and my fellow Denizenne, FuzzybearLioness, that I can barely read fast enough.   There's now a petition online, taking the Hilton to task for their shabby treatment of the restaurant.  If you haven't signed it, please take a moment to read it, and if you agree - please sign it! Thanks to Chris Dickson for reminding me to link! 
This weekend marks the first Milblog Conference in our nation's capitol, which means hundreds of milbloggers, military (active and retired), and supporters will be getting together in Washington, D.C.  Guess where they won't be staying?  However, there's been talk of getting together at Fran O'Brien's to show support - makes me even sorrier that I can't attend the conference!
Someone sent me a link today to Victor Davis Hanson's column "In the Eye of the Beholder", which I posted to the H&I Fires post at the Castle.  Perception is Reality, as they say.  Go read Mr. Hanson - you won't be sorry.
Sgt Hook has the latest from Russ Vaughn in response to the Generals sniping at SecDef Rumsfeld, and he's running a caption contest to boot!
Looking for more good reads?  Don't miss these sites:
  • Check out the new Milblog Wire news site - complete with RSS feed.  Tell your local newspaper about it - No More Excuses f  (H/T to Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive)
  • Michael Yon has a new FrontLine Forum - stories straight from the troops.  Also check out Michael's main site for updates from in country.
  • The Officer's Club blog is now Op-For, John and Charlie are still manning the electrons.
  • Check out the daily round-up from the Grayhawks at Mudville Gazette.