Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spread the Word - Save Fran O'Brien's

The Milblog world is abuzz over the treatment of Fran O’Brien’s, a restaurant  whose owners have demonstrated pure and generous support for the wounded troops for several years by serving free steak dinners on Friday nights.  We need to show our support for the restaurant, and its owners – Hal and Marty, and (politely) express concerns to the Hilton Hotel which is apparently set to throw the restaurant out on it’s ear.


Castle Argghhh! has all the contact details and links.  Also, check out Chuck Z’s post about his own Friday night steak dinner at Fran’s.  Others with posts are:

Mudville Gazette

Fuzzilicious Thinking

Andi’s World

Neptunus Lex


Please spread the word!