Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More thoughts on voting

Monday's post ended with an exhortation to honor the sacrifice of our troops, and to make each vote count. This includes the brave men and women who have given the last full measure. It also includes every other service person in uniform today, doubly so for those deployed around the world, and a hundred-fold for those trying to heal from their wounds.

One of those currently serving, returned this year from a deployment in Iraq, is Wayne of Savannah Dreamin'. He stopped by and left a comment to my post that I have to highlight.

Thanks very much for this post, especially reminding the folks that we are at war and this isn't the time to be voting for the "run for the hills" types out there.

That's what would happen if we toss the party out with the bathwater, you see. We'd be cutting and running ... and the troops would be left hung out to dry. Don't be a Murtha *spit*, stay in the fight.