Thursday, November 02, 2006

Help Project Valour-IT

If you have donated already – Thank You!  Now go tell 3 other people !!


This is such an important project, and there are many deserving troops who still need help.  The Army team has made good progress on our goal of raising $45,000 (see the graphic at the top right), and currently leads the other teams.  But remember that it all goes towards the wounded troops, and we have a ways to go to reach the overall goal of $180,000.


Don’t miss the auction post at Op-For … okay, they are flyboys, but the auction benefits the whole fund-raising event – so go take a look anyways!


From my fellow Army team members:

Blackfive kicked it off, and is still recruiting Army Strong team members.

Chuck Z, our motivation, puts the need in plain language … he speaks from experience.

John of Argghhh pins up poster girl ‘Sam’ from Chris Muir’s Day by Day cartoon.

Sgt Hook joined to beat the pants off of the Navy, Marines and Air Force .


Continue the mission!