Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Silver Lining

Local commentator and talk show host, Ken Schram, has taken the whole Kerry kerfuffle and turned it into something that supports the troops.  Mr. Schram is a fairly liberal leaning guy, and regularly awards “Schrammie” bobble heads to various targets of opportunity.  This week, he decided to award one to John Kerry for his remarks and (non)apology.  Better yet, he decided that he would auction off the Schrammie for a good cause … Operation Support Our Troops!


As much as I believe Sen. John Kerry deserves to be awarded “The Schrammie” this week, I don’t think he should actually receive it.

Given the inferred insult he hurled at the troops serving over in Iraq, I think it would be much more appropriate to use Kerry’s “Schrammie” in a way that benefits them.

To that end, I’ve contacted the people who run Operation Support Our Troops and with their permission will auction the Schrammie bobble-head off to the highest bidder.

The money raised -- every penny -- will be used to help pay the shipping costs of packages that OSOT will be sending to about 7,500 troops in time for the upcoming holidays.”


The bidding is over – and the winner will donate $2500 to OSOT in exchange for his Schrammie.  That’s good money to help this amazing group arrange for packages for so many troops.  Of course, they always need volunteers, and this year I will be one of the Santa’s Soldiers helping with the pack out operation.  If you are located in the Seattle region, and feel like helping out, please visit the Santa’s Soldiers site for more info.


My hat’s off to you, Ken!  Good work on supporting the troops.