Thursday, April 19, 2007

Continuing the Sheepdog theme

Some other interesting and thought-provoking responses to the events at Virginia Tech that have caught my attention:

Francis Marion describes how he would approach the situation, in his response to Grim's wargame proposal.

The Bastidge talks about thought processes.

Mrs. du Toit Can't get there from here. Be sure to read the comments - a worthy discussion.

David at Random Nuclear Strikes has more on the shooter's mental instability and the law.

Heartless Libertarian ticks off the number of existing gun laws broken by the VT shooter.

Chuck points out the obvious - Gun control does not work.

Neptunus Lex and his eldest daughter discuss Free Will vs. Fatalism.

Uncle Jimbo and Snarkatron each take on the shameless media.

Wandering, Blissful Musings - The American Way: Why things were not this bad when I was in school