Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mental gymnastics

It takes some real mind-bending skill to come up with some of the viewpoints highlighted in these posts...

Fuzzilicious Thinking Code Pink Calls US Soldiers Terrorists

Boston Maggie ... Egos and hypocrisy of the celebrity left

Rofasix ... Rascism in Democratic Party Politics

The Middle Ground ... Harry Reid surrenders

Frank J of IMAO ... Super Ultra Mega Hypocrisy!

John of Argghhh ... Reid calls Veep 'Attack Dog'

In fact - Senator Reid is burning me up from all sides. But he is really, really grating on the nerves of those who have troops in harm's way. Yet, somehow, he and the other Dem 'leaders' (to use the term loosely) don't understand that they are cutting down this nation and our brave troops when they open their mouths and speak of surrender.

On the lighter side - if Reid wants to surrender, Harvey willing to accept his admission of defeat. Heh.