Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday slow

Thank you to all who commented or made suggestions about the new blog layout. Apparently I need more color, or maybe just different ones. And more hardware, like tanks. This will definitely be taken under consideration.

Other than twiddling with the blog, my weekend has been spent performing a Chinese fire drill on two laptops, moving all of the profiles around to change ownership. (Let's see, I copied the stuff from A to X to preserve it, then I copy the stuff from B to A, and then X to B. Right? Argghhh!)

But I was able to drag the Hubster off to see the movie "300" today, and we both had a great time. Everything Kat wrote about it was right, and we loved the great lines, the stylistic imagery, the wrong vs. right absolutes -- all of it!

And to add to that warm glow, I followed the link from the H&I Fires to Jules Crittendon's Warmongerly Yours post - a wonderful gathering of links for various angles on the war and the political situation here at home. In fact, one item from Bluto at the Jawa Report has an interesting parallel to the actions of the renegade senator in 300, methinks.