Friday, June 22, 2007

Kaziah's Gift

Artist Kaziah Hancock gives her talents and time to honor fallen troops by painting portraits for their families. I was introduced to her efforts by this video (thanks for the link, Beck!). She has completed almost 200 paintings since 2003, and does it all without accepting any payment from the families themselves. This is her Thank You gift to our fallen heroes, and to their loved ones.

Here's one example of her talent and devotion ...

Portrait by Kaziah Hancock

Marine Sgt. Adam Cann was killed in Iraq in January of 2006, but he is alive in the hearts of his friends and family, and again in this portrait.

Artists like Kaziah, and like Michael Reagan, who I profiled last year, give freely of their talents and their time to keep alive the spirit of these fallen heroes. Neither of them will accept money from the families who request the portraits, so if you have a few dollars to spare, visit Kaziah and Michael to help them continue in their missions:

Kaziah - Portraits of Heroes

Michael - Fallen Heroes Project