Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marines of the Fighting 6th need You!

How can you help the Marines of Regimental Combat Team 6? I'm glad you asked! How about starting out with an email to tell them you support them...

We have a golden opportunity to make a direction connection with the help of Grim and Blackfive (with a tip of the hat to Kat), you can even do it right from your computer. How easy is that?!

Just sit down and tell these warriors at the tip of the spear that you care, and that you support them and their mission. These are our Marines, putting it all on the line every day - thousands of miles from their homes and families. So take 10 minutes of your day to tell them you care.

Then send another email to all of your friends and family who support the troops. And tell them to do the same thing. Let's make certain that these Marines know we support them, and completely flood their email box!