Monday, June 11, 2007

This humbles me ... Again

While every story of our brave men and women in uniform has the dual effect of inspiring and humbling me, the stories of Major Doug Zembiec, the "Lion of Fallujah", maxes both impacts for me. I thought that I could not be more inspired after reading his story at Blackfive. I was wrong.

Go read the letter this fine Marine wrote to the family of another fallen Marine. Take the hanky with you. You'll need it.

Captain Doug Zembiec in Fallujah, April 2004
Zembiec Family Photo - Captain Doug Zembiec, April 2004

*** Update ***

Just when I cleared the blurriness from my vision, my blog-son brings it back again, with the simple word Friend. Go read
Living With Our Scars to see how far Major Zembiec's words reach.