Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blog life meets real life

I added another notch to my sidebar. Down in that little section reserved for the bloggers I've actually met in person, there is a new entry. This past Monday night, I met up with Bad Cat Robot of Snark Patrol and Chief(ret) Bill of Castle Argghhh!!

I have to agree with BCR - Bloggers do have more fun. Especially when that blogger is me, and I'm sitting with two fun and very funny people who also happen to be excellent story-tellers! Never a dull moment, let me tell ya!!!

I was tickled to find out that Bill tells 'em just like he writes 'em. And don't be thinking that he's exhausted his supply - there's always another one to be told. We drank and ate and told stories ... okay, they told the stories, I mostly listened!

We had a grand time. The only downer is that neither BCR or I managed to take a clean photo for publication. Bill's camera may hold the only pictorial proof that exists of our tiny little blogmeet.

Heh ... this could be bad ...