Thursday, November 03, 2005

Flex that blogging muscle!

The Fearless Leader of our rapidly-growing (check out my sidebar!!) Marine Team is quite the artist. Check out the Comic of the Day at Holly Aho's place! (note : you may need to scroll down a bit)

Even better - Holly has collected several great Podcasts and links in one power-packed post for those who want to Learn More. Take the time to listen to the Podcast of Chuck Ziegenfuss - it's a hoot!

The Navy team surged forward in the last hour, so that as of 10:15pm (pacific time), the team numbers stand at:

Army$ 5434.99
Marine$ 3390.00
Air Force$ 1670.00
Navy$ 5435.00

I can't believe that Army and Navy are separated by $.01, and the total is a great stride towards the Blog Challenge goal!

Keep spreading the word -- we want to blow past that goal. Remember that the completion of the first phase totals about $110,000 - Don't Stop!