Friday, November 04, 2005

Just say NO to Bell Bottoms!

The lead gained by Navy last night was maintained today, darn it! Sgt Hook said it right, though ... We're still not wearing the damned bell bottoms!

As of midnight (pacific time), the team numbers stand at:

Army$ 7674.99
Marine$ 5700.00
Air Force$ 2560.00
Navy$ 9675.00

Come ON, Marine supporters ... you're not going to let Navy beat us, are you??!

Seriously - if you don't already know why this project is a worthy cause, take a moment to read some of these examples from Capt Z (who is currently undergoing more treatment), or Sgt B, or Sgt Hook, or Holly Aho.

* * * Special Offer * * *

I'll even give you an extra reason to give. I'll give the first person who donates $100 to the Marine Team (using the donate button at the right) a special gift.

A Fighting Aces T-Shirt. These shirts were sold by Chuck's unit to help fund a Welcome Home party, and are not available any longer. However - I bought two of them, and I will send you one if you donate $100 or more on Saturday, the 5th. Leave me a comment so I know who you are, and I'll email you!