Friday, November 18, 2005

Looking around the Milblogs

If you read nothing else today ... go check out the Punishers' Ball report at Michael Yon's! It's a good read, and the pictures of the men of the Deuce Four are wonderful!

Meanwhile, Capt B provides another data point (the chart is quite full now) regarding the lack of intelligent reporting from the general media. Take the time to read The Wrong Story. Then we need to go execute on his orders for us : "Be smart America, support your leaders, we are winning! Semper Fi!"

Chris Muir's Day By Day cartoon for today shows he is engaged in this battle. Well done, Chris!

Check out the positive items at Castle Argghhh as well, courtesy of the Armorer. He also had a good time pooh-poohing the WP allegations.

Meanwhile, Sgt B has a bone to pick over an icon, and takes apart the unintelligent 'bring home the troops now' sentiment. Of course, you KNOW what happens when you ask a Marine to take something apart, don't you? heh!

What do the troops Really need for the holidays? To find out, wander over to AnySoldier.Com, Books For Soldiers, Soldiers' Angels, Adopt a Sniper, or Holly Aho's. Show your authentic support by sending packages, cards, pictures and letters.

We are the reason that these men and women are willing and proud to serve ... We are the Republic for which they Stand!