Monday, November 07, 2005

Project Valour-IT Update

When I checked the totals in the blog competition this evening, I was ecstatic to see that the Navy ship was floundering!! Of course, it would have made me even Happier to say that the Marine team was the leader ... but the Army team has that honor (right now), while the Air Force team is struggling to gain altitude.

Here are the current totals ...

Army$ 15,119.99
Marine$ 10,345.00
Air Force$ 4,625.00
Navy$ 14,051.00

That's over $44K - which is more than a third of the total amount to complete Phase 2, and more than twice the original goal for this competition!


But ... The Army has the lead.

So Listen Up out there ... The Marine team has done fine work, in spite of the technical difficulties experienced by our fearless leader (Holly's blog is down right now, partly due to traffic!). But let's make a push to the top!

graphic by Wild Thing

There are other things you can do ... Print off the flyers and hang them, so others can see their chance to help. Tell your friends and family, even small donations are powerful!

If you know people who need a visual, try this one :

Cox and Forkum

Thanks to Cox and Forkum for creating the perfect image to keep us focused.