Monday, February 20, 2006

Looking around

America's Son has wrapped up his Iraq experience to head for home, sharing one last chapter before he says Buh-bye to the sandbox.

John of Argghhh selected a few images of today's troops, in which the vets may see echos of the past as well.

Lt. K at Wordsmith at War compares Leadership and Parenthood.

Good news about our military from Camp Katrina - rescuing people in the Philippines, helping women and children in Iraq, and taking weapons away from the terrorists.

Speaking of the troops - check out the latest on Project Valour-IT. There's more good to be done for them, if you can help.

I've stayed out of the issue of the Veep's hunting incident, but this take from Mark Steyn is Priceless, as Cassandra notes.

AirForcePundit reminded me that Feb. 22nd will be the natal day of our first president, George Washington. Monday's holiday (if you had one ... I didn't) is a contrived date to make a 3-day weekend for some. So, remember to celebrate for real on Wednesday!

Also, go celebrate with MSG First Sergeant Keith, since he's moved into his dream role. Congrats, Keith!

Some responses from my Meme victims are up : Sgt B and Bad Cat Robot have posted their responses, must wait a little longer for the others.

Sgt B is trying out his new pipes ... go encourage him, so he can progress past the wounded goose stage!

I must be as big a sap as Sgt Lori, since this post at Confessions of a Military Recruiter caused me to sniffle a little as well.

Any of you Milbloggers who haven't yet looked into attending the Milblog Conference on April 22, heads up! Check it out, registration is no charge, and there are some great panelists lined up already.