Thursday, February 09, 2006

Milblog linkfest

I've spent more time reading blogs than posting lately - there's a lot of great stuff out there to read ... the task is endless!

To Do List

Bill Faith and his family survived the house fire okay, but could use a little help with repairs. H/T to Mrs. Greyhawk.

If you haven't voted yet today for Best Master Gunnie in the Gun Blog competition, hop on over to Countertop Chronicles and Vote for Argghhh!

News and Updates

Tbone65 thinks we should 'give in to terrorists' incarcerated at Guantanamo - and let 'em starve.

America's Son again demonstrates the versatility of Marines - turning the challenges of a recent mission into poetry.

Camp Katrina posts new entries in the ever expanding Weapons Cache Roundup.

Partamian Report shares the good news of the arrival of the smallest Partamian! Congratulations to the proud parents!

And continuing the Someone You Should Know series, Matt of Blackfive links to a great story about Sergeant Steve Markhill

Entertainment in the Sandbox

Capt B wasn't too thrilled with the Super Bowl, especially the severe memory lack of the producers and announcers - they mentioned the Katrina victims and others, but hardly a word about our men and women in uniform.

His buddy, Tacobell, shared a glimpse into the ways of Marines at play, both inside and outside. Oooh-Rah!!

Great Reading / Series

John Donovan continues his 25 Lessons Learned from OIF and OEF with Lesson #20 - Buddies Still Matter. If you haven't followed the series, jump to #20, and use the links there to work your way through.

Sgt Hook has me entralled with his Jackie O'Shea series. You'd better catch up, so you'll be ready for the next one!

I almost forgot!! Check out Shayna's interview with Sgt Hook at My Music Highway. And spend some time following her story of Eugene, proof that a single good act can create wonderful and far-reaching side-effects!

While you're in a reading mood, go encourage Lex to carry the Rhythms series forward. Ignore the occasional odd punctuation mark - he's herding stray HTML tags through some of the transferred archives. Kinda like herding cats.


Charlie at the Officers' Club features an image from Ft. Lewis - Follow Me.

Sgt B shares more of his old friend Sgt. Remington.

Sure, Cowboy takes pictures for a living - that's his Army duty at Ft. Carson. Still, these photos are worthy of mention, especially the one of his little cowboy Ethan!

... That's it for now. Check the Daily H&I Fires posts at the Castle for tidbits thru the day!