Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More on "Pappy" Boyington

Many people dropped in here yesterday to check on the item about the U-Dub student senate passing on a memorial to "Pappy" Boyington - especially helped along by a link from The Armorer. (Thanks, John!)

Since a few popped in from searches, I decided to do a search of my own to scan the alternate offerings on the subject. The following nuggets rose to the top in my search ...

My personal favorite - both for the content and the killer title:
Rich White Male Kills 26 Japanese Tourists at BlameBush.

Education Does Not Equal Intelligence at The Chief Brief.

Medal of Honor winner need not apply at Strait-Talk.

University of Washington “progressives” STAND UP TO EVIL MURDERING IMPERIALIST STATUE at Evolution, which also had the Best Quote ... "Probability of someone named “Ashley Miller” being rich and white: 1"

Pappy Boyington Not Welcome at University of Washington at The Dougout.

As an added bonus, I now have several more Pacific Northwest bloggers to add to my list.