Monday, February 20, 2006

Recruiters on Campus

This resolution from the UW Student Senate, proposed this past week, will be interesting to watch. Especially as the case before the Supreme Court (FAIR v. Rumsfeld - oral arguments were made in December) will provide a national response sometime this year.

A Resolution in Support of the Right of Military Recruiters to be Present on Campus

WHEREAS the military provides meaningful career opportunities for many students; and,

WHEREAS the military is also the defender of our freedoms and way of life; and,

WHEREAS at the Seattle Central Community College campus military recruiters were attacked by protesters last year; and,

WHEREAS we want to make sure this kind of intolerance does not happen on our campus, therefore


THAT we support military recruiters' right to be on our campus, and

THAT we support ROTC's continued right to be present on campus, and

THAT we further support and respect the fine men and women who serve our country.

History of Legislation
02/17/2006: Submitted for consideration

Which begs an interesting question. IF the court rules that the schools still have to permit military recruiters on campus, or lose funds under the Solomon Act - what difference will a local resolution by the UW Student Senate make? Similarly, if the court rules against the DoD, will the local resolution be maintained?

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