Thursday, July 13, 2006

The BlogShoot is On!

That's the good news - the bad news is that Francis Marion won't be able to join us. (*pout*) Given that he was the driving force behind getting some fun milbloggers and friends together to exercise our Second Amendment rights, that's a real shame.

Milblogger Shootout 2006

So here's the rough plan for Saturday, the 15th:

10:30 - Meet at Alfred's Cafe in Tacoma, on 402 Puyallup Ave, for breakfast and greetings.

Noon (approx) - Move across the street to the Bulls Eye Indoor Shooting Range at 414 Puyallup Ave.

After the shooting, we hope to head to the Corina Bakery on 510 6th Ave. in Tacoma, to help stimulate the local economy. In case that name doesn't ring bells for you, the bakery belongs to Walt Gaya and his wife - you can read more about Walt here.

The plan is to take up our handguns (or in the case of Heartless Libertarian, at least, a 9mm AR) and demonstrate once again our superiority over many pieces of paper.

I know that the Armorer and SWWBO are traveling light, but there should be no shortage of weapons to choose from, as Bad Cat Robot and I are bringing our collections, such as they are (including her new toy - wheeee!). And I have to imagine that Sgt B will be bringing at least one or two of his own ... selection should not be a problem!

One of our missions is to ensure that EVERYone gets a chance to shoot (are you listening, Maggie?), and that we all have a safe and fun range day together.

I hope to see Echo9er and AnalogKid there as well - and if you are in the Tacoma area, come on down to the Range!

For the locationally challenged, here is a zoomable map with a few markers to help you out.