Friday, August 04, 2006

Where the Surf meets the Turf

I'm heading south in a few hours, to spend the weekend with little sister.  Tomorrow is the annual Friends of Becky fun day at the Del Mar race track ... where the Surf meets the Turf, as the saying goes.  Picnic time with friends and family, a little betting on the horses, and a chance for a good sunburn - a perfect Saturday.

Del Mar Race Track

Not to mention, a chance to meet up with Fuzzybear Lioness! WOOT!!  Since Del Mar is a stone's throw from her current hideout near Sandy Eggo, I invited her to join us at the bash.  I'm gonna have So Much Fun this weekend ... *grin*

Any other Sandy Eggo folks (Hi, Lex!) who like to go watch horses run around the track should be able to find us on the infield near the first turn for the turf races.  Email me if you need contact info!