Friday, July 15, 2005

Blog 'outed'

I've had great fun meeting up with some local bloggers recently, live-blogged by fellow Washington blogger Snarkatron at Snark Patrol. Meeting people who you've met through blogging / emails is a great - being able to put faces with the personalities and add dimension to friendships.

In a twist on the norm, the new blog that I've added to my 'Bloggers I have met' sidebar belongs to someone I knew before either of us started blogging. We actually met through a mutual work friend over 4 years ago ... how time flies!

It tickles me that Delta Mike Charlie, or DMC for short, has joined the blogosphere. In typical fashion, he is starting off very well -- with a mention from Hugh Hewitt on his radio show yesterday! Hugh was highlighting DMC's post on the explosion in Trinidad.

WHOO HOO!! Way to go, dude! Nice post about Patricia Herbold's nomination for the post of Ambassador to Singapore, also.