Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tagged! (Part I)

I've been tagged by John to bore you with the objects residing on my nightstand, thanks to a tag from Les Jones.

Our bed has one of those complete wall-units that encompasses cabinets, shelves and drawers (and mirrors - Whoo Hoo!), so I won't detail all the crap inside -- that would be cruel and unusual punishment!

On my side of the bed are...

* The books I've read, which right now numbers only one ("Mister God, This is Anna"), but varies from week to week - depending on how fast I move the finished books to the big bookcases.

* Book(s) I have staged, or am reading. This morning that included "Deception Point" and "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown, and "Dark Lady" by Richard North Patterson. The one I am actually reading right now is "Wings of Fire" by Dale Brown - but it's residing in the bathroom at this point.

* Remote control for the ceiling fan. I keep it on my side so that *I* can control the fan speed. Having a remote for this is Heaven, by the way!

* Water spray bottle - This is used to keep my 4-footed child from joining us in bed. He used to be locked up in his own room at night, but now is free to wander the house ... as long as he does not disturb us! Since he has severe short-term memory issues, he needs an occasional spritz in the face when he jumps on the bed.

That's it for my stuff - the Hubster's side is pretty similar, with different books, and the TV remote. Separation of powers ... *grin* ! The joint section has the clock/radio, where we both can reach it.

There was another tag in John's post, which I'll work on later. Oh ... and I have to tag 5 people. Sgt B, That 1 Guy, Punctilious, Boudicca, and Teresa ... You are all On Deck!