Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Independence Day!

I wish everyone a safe and happy 4th! There are a lot of deployed troops in the Milblog realm - here are just a few to visit today...

From My Position...
Chuck is now at Walter Reed being treated for the wounds received when he tangled with an IED almost two weeks ago. His wife Carren is a great lady - keeping us all informed of his progress.

Others include Dadmanley, Firepower Forward,AH-64D Apaches over Iraq,Assumption of Command, The Siegrist Blogs, A Strange Long Trip, and Major K. Also, remember folks like ArmorGeddon and Trying to Grok, and others who are posted to bases outside the U.S.

For other links, check out Castle Argghhh!, Blackfive and Mudville Gazette - their sidebars are much more complete than mine.

Happy Birthday, U.S.!