Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Ideology, not Poverty

Michael Yon brings us the 5th segment of his Walking the Line series today, as he completes his travels with CSM Mellinger. His email update introduces the segment :

The American soldiers in Iraq have been appalled by the attacks in London. This morning, as the identity of the attackers comes into focus, we see yet again that poverty is not the root of terrorism. Ideology is.

The war goes on here in Iraq. Recent media reports indicate that troop reductions are not far away. Only time will reveal its secrets. Interestingly, however, some Kurdish-Iraqi troops have moved into Mosul. These Iraqi soldiers use more "relaxed" rules of engagement than our soldiers. Again, only time will reveal its secrets, but sooner or later, the Iraqis must again govern themselves. Their society will be in their hands for better, or for worse.

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