Monday, July 25, 2005

If it isn't Art, what IS it?

I read of this tasteless piece of imagery in ALa's Weekend Mini-Rant, and again today, when she pointed out that the "artist" had his own blogspot site.

I caught a little of the Pearce's on Scarborough Country tonight, although they were saying nothing that I wanted to hear. Can someone explain to me WHY the Attorney General of the State of California should have this so-called artwork displayed in his office??

I did find an interesting item while researching a bit on the web, though. It turns out that a young man named Andy Nevis has started a Petition to force the AG to take the painting down. I added my name and a short comment - you can do the same. Keep the comments polite, please!

I was intrigued by Andy's site "California High School Conservative". You see, Andy is a Sophomore this year.

You wouldn't know that from his writing, though, as I found it pretty thoughtful and interesting. Heh ... I also enjoyed the image "T'anks to Mr. Ted"