Sunday, July 10, 2005

Instapilot fisks Oliphant

Check out the Instapilot's take-down of Tom Oliphant's interview with Hugh Hewitt. It's a long read, but oh-so-worth-it ... grab a big cuppa and read his whole Homework Assignment.

FYI to the left ... Dusty is not an anomaly. He is a fine example of the intellect of our modern professional military men and women.

While we're on the topic of the high-caliber of our military men and women ... I found SF Says by way of comments on Blackfive. Today he has an excellent take on The Paradox of Strong Men.

If you've never met such a man I feel sorry for you. Really. You've missed out on one of the most reassuring, life-affirming experiences I know of. Knowing such men exist is like having tens of thousands of trusted teammates--men you know would guard your back in a fight, as you would for them.

Such men certainly do not wish for war, but they don't hide when it comes, either. And they instinctively know when things have reached the point beyond which all the sincere negotiations in the world won't do any good.


Let me end this with a positive note: Good men--no, astonishing men--still exist in America. And because they totally believe in defending our way of life, and in self-sacrifice when that's required, a disproportionate number serve for at least a few years in the U.S. military.

And later, they make great fathers.

I'm proud to say I know some astonishing men, active and retired, and I am far richer for it. One of the joys of this blog is 'meeting' active service people who are doing the hard work in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world to keep you and I safe here at home.

They make great friends, too.