Saturday, July 02, 2005

Linky stuff

A new blogger asks and answers Who in their Right Mind would be joining up? Since he's already flying AH-64D Apaches Over Iraq, I think he's answered it quite well for himself!
Desultory Girl better be listening ...

If you've been following the news on Chuck Ziegenfuss, his wife Carren has added two must-read entries. First a long time friend talks about things we should already know - but which should be said anyways ... about sacrifice and the rest of us doing our part. Please go read it - then go follow his advice.
Then move up to the next post, because Chuck Speaks!!! With all that has happened to them in the past week and a half, I am humbled that Carren keeps finding the time to share Chuck's progress with us. They truly appreciate the words of encouragement and prayers ... go visit, won't you?

Beth reminds us that this week's Carnival of the Recipes is up ... with the recipes organized by color!

Sgt B continues his Piping lessons, and entertains a great debate (in comments) over the proper music for a Piper in training.

Continuing her Self Portrait Friday theme, Katy asked folks to post tattoos. Quite an interesting bunch. Wonder what she'll think up for next week?

Need a chew toy for an active puppy? Check out what Sarah at Trying to Grok lets her little guy Charlie chew on!

Thanks to Kermit for sharing the link to this treatise on the Genus Libratas Americana.

Libratas may be found on every continent of this planet. The genus is as diverse and varied as any other found on earth, yet there are many common threads, as it were, that positions them in a singular genus. While the untrained observer may not differentiate between libratas and homo sapiens, there are indeed key differentiations between the two genus.

The following is a general list of attributes that libratas shares with our kind, as well as a basic guide to be used in distinguishing libratas from homo sapiens, especially for the untrained observer.

Distinction One: Libratas has a sparse fur, or hair, covering its body, except in cases of abnormal bodily disfunction. Much like homo sapiens, the fur, or hair, is concentrated on the top of the head, pubic areas, and beneath the arm pits. We did find however, that this fur or hair covering was oft time more pronounced in Libratas than in our kind.

Distinction Two: Libratas is warm-blooded, as is homo sapiens, however, libratas is susceptible to bouts of irrepressibly elevated body temperature when certain stimuli are introduced to its environment. While the authors could not hope to compile a complete list of these "triggers", we did find that the utterance of certain sounds, or words, could stimulate this unusual increase in body temperature. We submit the following examples:

Example one: The verbalization or utterance of the word "bush", triggered incredible increases of body temperature in most libratas. We found this unusual, because similar utterances, such as "shrub", "tree", or "hedge" had no visible effect on libratas.

Example two: The word "rove" (as in, "bison rove o'r the plains) was particularly stimulating to most Libratas south of the Dominion of Canada, causing rapid increases in temperature and anxiety. When presented with similar sounding words, such as "drove", or "cove", we could discern no basil temperature change in libratas. We humbly submit that there seems to be no reason for libratas' reaction to certain sounds or words, other than the fact that the words are monosyllabic.

Heh ... That's just a tiny sample. Keep reading and hitting Next, to reveal the habits of the various species like "Libratas Scriptor" and "Libratas Administratio"!!

Finally, I found this t-shirt hugely funny, although I probably wouldn't wear it!