Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mayhem in the Med

Several years ago, the Hubster and I were all set to go on a cruise for our 15th anniversary. We were going to fly to Tahiti and sail among the islands in comfort. Unfortunately, that was in 2001, and the cruise company went out of business after 9/11.

Still - the idea beckons, and I imagine that someday we will correct the deficiency. I just hope that we don't have the kind of excitement and intrigue that occurred during Huntress' cruise of the Mediterranean.

You may have read about this story in the NY Times "Greenwich Man Disappears From Ship on His Honeymoon".

The Huntress tells the story her way ...

Cruising The Med: Murder Mystery Mayhem

A honeymoon couple board a cruise ship, and he disappears under mysterious circumstances, with blood found in his stateroom and on the awning underneath his balcony, his new wife is escorted off the ship, to the American embassy in Turkey, where she is met by her parents; a young woman is raped aboard the same cruise ship, and a 52 yr old man dies of a heart attack or possible aneurism brought on by heaving endless vomiting, at least 5 members of a family traveling together are offboarded in Italy accompanied by the FBI and Italian authorities, divers are dispatched to make sure the British Cruise ship while in several ports of call, remains safe from potential terrorist attacks, and the family of the missing man are alleged to have boarded the ship in Italy, while FBI agents remain on board to further investigate these incidents.

Is this the script for a new adventure at sea feature film, a movie of the week, a new book about to become a best seller?

NO! This is what happened on the "Brilliance of the Seas" Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship during my 12 nite Cruise of the Mediterranean!

There's much, much more to read -- but you have to go there to read it. Catch her two other posts as well, to Set the Record Straight, and the Final Word on the cruise event.

This kind of excitement we would all like to avoid. I'm just glad we have her back in one piece!

Welcome home, Huntress !!!