Thursday, July 14, 2005

Surveys and other things

Danny Carlton (aka Jack Lewis) wants to know why you blog. It's a quick survey, check it out and help him to fill the knowledge gap with some data.

Why Blog?

Thanks to Jim at bRight & Early for sharing the link. If you get a chance, go visit his Blogathon 2005 post and add your suggestions for charities he could support in the Blogathon.


Check out the reaction that AFSister got recently when she was 'outed' as a blogger to her in-laws. It starts off with humor, then considers the topic of Blogging friendships ... even if she didn't quote me, I'd like her thinking! That came out wrong. What I meant to say was that I really like what AFSis has written, and I still would have even if she had *not* quoted me!