Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tagged (Part II) - And an Announcement

Yesterday I responded to the "What's on my Nightstand" tag from John, but left the second tag on Favorite Movies for today.

Before I complete that task, I have to divert for a quick flogging and announcement. The flogging is for me ... since I missed a key date yesterday! I totally forgot that FuzzyBear Lioness had a birthday to celebrate!
*hangs head in shame*

But -- the Announcement is that FbL has joined the blogworld with her own space. YAY! So head over to the blue waters of Fuzzilicious Thinking and wish her a Happy Belated Birthday!

And Thanks to BillT for the reminder. No, Bill - you Don't get to perform the flogging...

My Favorite Movies

High School
I loved Young Frankenstein, and can still watch it over and over. Of course, the urge to repeat the dialog tends to annoy anyone around me!

Star Wars - the original. What can I say, I'm a product of my times. But the combination of Sci-Fi, effects, and humor is still fantastic. To put it in perspective, I learned to love Sci-Fi by watching the original Star Trek series ... *grin*.

Recent Favorites
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King. When I saw that the movie was 200 minutes long, I figured it would never end. When it did end, I wanted more -- great cinematography and total fun!

Finding Nemo. Another fun Disney, Dude.

Favorite Disney
I love Disney animation, and I'm working on replacing my VHS collection with DVD replacements, starting with Beauty and the Beast. But that one isn't my personal fav, although I love the special extended edition. We bought it first because it is the Hubster's favorite! In fact, it's one of the few he will watch over and over.

My personal Disney fav is Tarzan, not just for the animation, but for the music as well.

Favorite Non-Disney
A toss-up between Shrek and Monsters, Inc. -- love 'em both.

All-Time Favorites
The films I can watch any time -- and have watched so often I can almost recite the dialog ...
The Thomas Crown Affair -- love the story, the acting, the music - the whole bundle.
Groundhog Day -- Ironic, isn't it ?!

Since I just tagged five lucky folks yesterday for the Nightstand meme, I won't name any new victims for this one. If you would like to play, leave me a comment and I'll link to your post.

Popcorn, anyone??