Friday, July 01, 2005

Weekend links

It felt more like a weekend than a Friday while driving in to work this morning - lots of folks taking of early for the 4th. If you're driving somewhere ... Be careful and stay safe.

Some folks are staying off the roads and keeping their fingers to their keyboards for a good cause this weekend. The Puddle Pirate and Word Girl are doing some Rear Echelon blogging to raise money for a good cause. Make a donation to their special tip jar to benefit the Armed Forces Relief Trust, and get a blogger on caffeine to post on a topic of your choosing! H/T to The Armorer!

I learned to read Science Fiction through the books of Asimov and Heinlein, so I enjoyed reading Dean Esmay's defense of Heinlein's work. I agree with much of what Dean says. However, I happen to enjoy the latter half of Heinlein's 'catalogue' as well as the first half - I just won't give them to children to read!

And speaking of Reading -- Punctilious at Blogoram has an interesting concept / proposal -- a Book Review carnival. She and the rest of the Blogoram gang are trying to churn up good reading ideas, to help avoid mental atrophy during their airplane travels. I hope to get time to join in with a post & link of my own this weekend