Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Where I'm blogging from ...

So it's Wednesday night, and I am sitting in the Las Vegas airport ... where I am stuck until midnight. That's when I will finally get to board a plane back to cooler, greener climes.

The Good News is that the wireless access is free - yay! The Better News is that I will be sitting in First Class when I do get on the airplane - Big Yay! This is thanks to the apologetic gate person who tried her best to get me on earlier flights, after my Previously Confirmed Flights were changed - without my knowledge or permission. Apparently the person who helped me get going on Monday helped me just a leetle bit too much ... ARGGHHH! I was supposed to be home by midnight, not boarding a plane for a 3-hour ride.

I am tired - and looking forward to my own home and bed. So these new eyeball benders are just whirling away for me right now! Thanks to Boquisucio for providing more ways to prove I need more sleep ;-)

Black Dots

Whirley Things


Not to be outdone, JM Heinrichs found a wonderful resource, chock full of wild and crazy Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena!