Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Combining Rifles and Billiards?

Well, not really - it just looks like the targets are billiard balls :

This fun little target is to be used for an e-Postal Rifle Match. I found this over at Random Nuclear Strikes, including the rules for this e-competition -- titled Killiards ...

No time limit - take as long as needed.

Ten points per ball for a total possible score of 150 points.

One hit per billiard ball. Two hits on any ball counts as a miss.

Only 15 holes are allowed in any one target.

100 Yards minimum distance for centerfire rifle calibers (50 yds for rimfire and pistol caliber)

The Analog Kid has his target posted, and a lot more details on how to take part, if you are so inclined. E-mail the resulting score for your target to The Analog Kid by August 22nd to take part.

Note also that you can strive for longer distances, as these will be considered separate categories. 100 Yards is plenty long enough for me, though, thanks.

I haven't had a good reason to take the rifles out for much too long - this sounds like fun. Guess I'd better get the long guns out and clean 'em up!